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Transformation. In the construction sector, that word is synonymous with bringing together the right products in the right way to get the job done. For this building and construction materials innovator, it also means creating sustainable, durable, and affordable materials. Grown from Australian roots planted in 1946, today Boral Limited employs over 25,000 people in…

Is an External Technical Evaluation necessary for a factory? (Concrete Roof Tiles)

The purpose of an External Technical Evaluation is to elaborate an in-depth report about the situation, functioning, facilities, machinery, suitability of production processes and work safety measures, along with a list of possible actions and tools which allow the improvement of the factory. Large companies with several production centers, in part, usually perform similar internal technical controls…

Uno System

Uno machinery range is the right solution to start the concrete roof tile manufacturing business with low initial investment and the possibility to easily increase the production capacity up to 4 times more without need of buying a 100% new line. Uno systems production range varies from 800 to 12,000 tiles per shift (*).


Matrix curing system is the right solution for customer with high speed plant who wants maximum flexibility of production due to system logic based on multiple independent curing chambers system, where each chamber can be pre-set with dedicated curing conditions to allow maximum product quality. Curing capacity can vary according to customer needs and can suit production from 30.000 to 60.000 tiles (*) per shift and over.


Rotary-rack system is worldwide renown as the most efficient curing system. Based on a First-in/ First-out logic, it is the right solution for customer who wants to run multiple shifts with a system designed to have simplified curing process, low maintenance level and low energy requirement. Rotary-rack curing capacity varies from 12.000 to 50.000 tiles per shift to suit all the customer’s needs (*).


Modulo machinery is the right solution for markets requiring medium to high production capacities. The heart of the system is our high performance continuous extruder that is expandable to suit a production from 40 through to 140 t.p.m. Semiautomatic basic configuration can be easily upgraded to fully automatic system to minimize the labour cost component. The production range varies from 12,000 to 50,000 tiles per shift (*).