NewsletterVortex Hydra joins past to future for customer's success!

Vortex Hydra, as worldwide leader in the field of concrete roof tiles plants and automation, have completed a lot of successful installations over the last 50 years. As half a century is a long period of time and some of the equipment are still operating using obsolete parts, it is happening more and more often that Vortex Hydra is asked to propose solutions to renovate the equipment supplied years ago.


In this regard, we wish to introduce the recent case of an historical customer of Vortex Hydra that has shown the willing to take an almost 20 years packaging line using old technology and refurbish it to run #4 profiles including #2 non-tapered Flat profiles to be combined to obtain different configurations of the final pack being brought to the yard.


Having such a challenge to face, Vortex Hydra arranged the collection of the goods from customer’s factory and, once the machineries have reached our workshop, have studied and proposed a tailor-made solution.


This solution includes:

  • a partial redesign of the front & rear small packets stacking unit adding to both sides a 180° turning system capable to handle non-tapered profiles to form perfectly squared packets;
  • two brand new robots equipped with pertinent hands capable move all the types of previously formed packets;
  • two inclined large pack forming saddles where the robots are forming the large bundles of the desired size;
  • modification of the existing gripper to collect the tiles packs and place them on the strapping line;
  • a brand new strapping unit and a fully refurbished one to guarantee the vertical and horizontal strap banding of the tiles such that the final cube of tiles is stable for long distance transport.


But this is not all… in fact having a modern packaging line was not the only target and, being that the packaging line is finally designed for high speed, Vortex Hydra has completed its task by supplying upgrades also to all the rest of the production line like: brand new racking system for the existing Rotary system, new servo-driven cutting unit and brand new control system for the whole plant… and now all the line speed is increased of more than 40% running @ 100 tpm with the possibility of further increase of capacity in thenear future.


Indeed, a new life has been given to an old plant and our customer will enjoy its highly increased capacity.