Newsletter"Uno + Uno" Twin starter pack

Vortex Hydra is renowned around the world as the leading name in the supply of fully automatic, high volume concrete roof tile manufacturing plants. However, it is a less well-known fact that the company has always been open to giving small businesses in developing countries the chance to set up a concrete tile manufacturing facility at an affordable price through its low output manufacturing plants known as the UNO range.

These plants produce good quality concrete roof & wall/floor tiles using locally available materials and are easy to operate.

Over the years many small organisations around the world have taken advantage of this Italian technology to set up successful business ventures.
Forever mindful of the importance of the need for developing countries to promote local industry, Vortex Hydra is pleased to announce the ‘UNO+UNO’, which enables the smallest of companies to contribute to the growth of their local economy by setting up a small plant to manufacture beautiful concrete roof, wall and floor tiles.

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The ‘UNO+UNO’ mini-factory consists of the following:

  • an UNO MINI extruder machine (output of 2 roof tiles per minute) with ‘Double Roman’ aluminium pallets (without logo) , curing racks and all the equipment you need to make ridges;
  • an UNO MINI extruder machine (output of 2 wall/floor tiles per minute) with aluminium pallets to produce  330x330mm wall/floor tiles + curing racks;
  • a shipping container – which with its electrical connections later becomes the curing chamber  – a small concrete mixer, all the equipment you need for mixing and handling the concrete, a transpallet and quality control instruments. 

UNO+UNO can also be offered separately as a version for the production of roof tiles only or as a tile wall/Floor tile version.

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