For roofing

Dedicated design can be made based on customer needs in order to reduce weight or reduce dimensions.

Changing the shape of the pallets and the tooling in the extrusion head will produce a different product profile.

Technical features are:

  • High Strength up to 30 years guarantee
  • Offers complete resistance to extreme climates
  • Withstands the ravages of weather and hazards of fire
  • Absorbs minimal moisture, defies termites and rot
  • Permanent colour is assured as homogenous colour pigment is mixed right through the whole roof tile
  • Unique strengthening design and higher cement –sand ratio result in stronger roof tiles that reduce breakage during handling and transportation.

Solving Problems

  • Resistance to all kinds of climatic conditions
  • Superior sound proofing, damp resistance and heat insulation

Customized Solutions

  • Design and sophisticated finishing
  • Wide range of tile profiles

Reducing costs

Semplicity of the tile manufacturing process

Lower environmental impact

Environmentally friendly