Matrix Curing System

High velocity plants fot multi-profile tiles production

Matrix curing system is a perfect solution for a customer that operates a high speed concrete roof tile manufacturing facility and at the same time requires maximum production flexibility. Having a system logic that is based on multiple independent curing chambers that can individually be pre-set to selected curing conditions so enabling maximization of product quality. Curing capacity can be varied between 30,000 and 60,000 tiles per shift to suit a customer’s specific production needs.

Problem Solving

The ‘First-In/First-Out’ rack circulation sequence within the Matrix system enables uniform
curing of the tiles.

Customized Solutions

  • high speed system for multi-profile tile production
  • easy start-up & profile change
  • unlimited combinations of production sequences

Production Expansion

  • additional chambers can always be added to the Matrix system without causing
    disruption to existing production
  • reduced maintenance costs

Matrix Curing System

Matrix curing system with fully automated rack circulation is designed to ensure:
– Maximum production flexibility (several different tile profiles and colours can be produced);
– Accurate control of curing conditions;
– Ease of tile profile changeover without the need to manually remove the aluminium pallets from the production line;
– Smooth product handling for any velocity up to 150 tiles per minute.

The independent curing chambers offer both product flexibility and curing control. The front-rear loaders and rack dimensions have been specially designed to allow maximum flexibility when handling different tile profiles together with the maximization of smooth movement of wet tiles during automatic handling activities particularly regarding the rack speed throughout the complete curing cycle.

To fit the Matrix system into an existing building or when different space criteria has to be taken into consideration, the dimensions of racks and chambers can be custom designed to suit a customer’s particular circumstances.

The capacity of a Matrix system can always be easily expanded at some future date by the addition of new curing tunnels. As a steel rack loaded with cured tiles exits the curing tunnel it is automatically cross transferred on a conveyor to the racker-deracker machine. As it passes through the de-racker section of the machine the cured tiles are automatically unloaded from the rack onto a ‘take-away’ conveyor. When empty the rack continues to travel to the racker section of the machine whereupon it is automatically re-loaded with wet tiles. When fully loaded with wet tiles and supporting aluminium pallets the full rack is travelled onto a transfer trolley that automatically transports it to the pre-selected curing tunnel in which it is to enter. As the rack enters one end of the tunnel all the previous pre- loaded racks all move up one position with an extraction mechanism removing a single loaded rack of cured tiles at the other end. This rack is then positioned on a ‘dry side’ transfer trolley that travels it to the automatic racker/de-racker machine to re-commence the cured tile unloading/wet tile loading cycle.

The curing of the tiles in the racks is based on a ‘First In – First Out’ operation. When a curing tunnel is fully loaded with wet tile racks the doors are closed and the pre-set curing cycle commenced

Matrix Snake

Is your existing tile curing operation based on a “First In – First Out” system!!!
If so you can replace it with a Matrix system based on a “snake configuration”.