Vortex Hydra S.r.l. with headquarters based in Fossalta di Copparo, Italy, for more than 50 years now have shown its serious commitment in helping customers reduce time and costs through their innovative ideas in the development and design of building products and associated production plant and machinery – in 2017 Vortex Hydra celebrated their 50th anniversary.


In 1967 a group of young engineers joined forces to become active in the design and manufacture of technical solutions in the field of industrial automation. This successfully led to the company becoming specialists in production technologies within the construction sector particularly regarding both concrete roof tile design & manufacture and water control solutions including mechanical structures for dams, rivers, waterways and large valves serving turbines in the generation of hydropower. To this day both of this divisions form the core business of Vortex Hydra.


Vortex Hydra recognize that their enviable international reputation has been achieved by the formation and continuation of specialist skilled staffing over three generations having the capability to solve problems and challenges face on. This has involved focusing on the transfer of skills and the attendance of annual training courses to broaden, strengthen and increase existing skills even further.


Vortex Hydra produced plants, machines and equipment are renowned for their high quality of manufacture. They are very strong in design and provide many years of operational efficiency with some plants still in use today after 45 years of use.


In the specialist field of concrete roof tile manufacture Vortex Hydra offer selection from a very comprehensive range of systems to suit the individual production needs of the customer that range from 2.000 thru’ 80.000 roof tiles per day.

One of the more recent innovative designs by Vortex Hydra is the ‘Rotary-Rack’ system which optimizes the heating and curing of concrete roof tile. This system is now successfully employed by many of the world’s major concrete roof tile manufacturing companies. The ‘Rotary-Rack’ and many other innovative solutions by Vortex Hydra carry international patents and trademark registrations. Vortex Hydra still maintain the vision to continue creating rational and manageable technical solutions placing great emphasis on simplicity and the development of concepts that are easy to implement and maintain.


Vortex Hydra have adopted and maintained for many years in both of their engineering divisions a system of integrated quality management, environmental and safety in compliance with EN ISO 9001, EN ISO 14001 and UNI INAIL SGSL (Guidelines for an occupational health and safety management system). The implementation of such an integrated system allows the company to conduct systematic, rational and effective working methods all to the advantage of companies working with them.

Today 100% of Vortex Hydra customers are located overseas in the continents of Europe, Africa, Asia, Americas (North, South and Central) including the region of Australasia. In support of the head office operations in Italy Vortex Hydra also have subsidiary operations in Australia, Brazil, China and the United Kingdom.

Vortex Hydra also provide a very comprehensive ‘after-sales’ service to their clientele that includes spare parts availability, maintenance planning and a technical support service. By analyzing a customer’s consumption history of wear replacement, it is possible derive an annual schedule of parts that a customer will need to minimize the risk of production stoppages occurring through the lack of essential replacement parts.

The map below shows the location of the main concrete roof tile producers that operate Vortex automatic or semi-automatic production plants in Asia including a number of existing plant automatic upgrades that equates to Australia (6), Cambodia (3), China (5), India (4), Indonesia (1), Malaysia (15), Philippines (2), Thailand (10) and Vietnam (6).

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