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Newsletter 50 - Package formation & palletising of multi-profile roof tiles

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With the vast in depth experience that Vortex Hydra have in the automation of roof tile pack formation and palletising the company offer a ‘state of the art’ service that can include customisation to suit a customer’s particular production needs.
The packaging machinery is designed to ensure that the roof tiles remain intact throughout the process so minimising the risk of breakages occurring. The operation is even more integrate when the same packaging line is to handle several different tile profiles and still guarantee the high standard of packaging and compact dimensional tolerance.

Entegra, one of the company’s American customers, provide an good example of how it is possible to pack and palletise two very different types of tile profiles: Flat and Spanish profile tiles. This system enables tiles to be packed at a rate of 130 tiles per minute.
• To achieve this high speed twin tile packaging it was necessary to design and incorporate two independent converging stacking machines that form small packs of 5 tiles that are then automatically bundled to form a large strapped horizontal pack of 35 tiles.
• Employing both double vertical and horizontal strapping techniques keeps the tile pack compact and prevents chipping of tiles during pack handling that includes the mechanised loading of the packs onto the timber pallets and the onward transportation to the buyer’s site.
• A gripper picks up the strapped packs from both formation stations and positions them on a timber pallet (3 packs wide x 2 high) to form six large pack palletised load.
This system is set to automatically receive both types of roof tile profiles.

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