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Newsletter 5 - Vortex automation for artificial stone and concrete veneer products

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A much desired need exists in the precast building product market place for artificial stone and concrete veneer products which can be reproduced from the original texture of natural stone to a similar quality and at reduced costs.

Such products are in high demand for cladding of both external and interior walls of residences, hotels, restaurants, etc. so providing architects and interior designer new creative opportunities.

In addition to artificial stone products there also exists a wide variety of natural finishes such as wood, marble, bamboo, rattan, etc. that can also be replicated in concrete.

Artificial stone finishing allows the creation of different high quality wall claddings the detail of which can accurately imitate natural stone finishing with regard to colour, shape, and structure features based on particular chromatic variations.

The stone products contain no resins and are so natural in their content so preventing the formation of mould and moisture. They offer resistance to fire, weather and gelivity and can be installed outdoors.

By adding pumice stone or expanded clay to the mixture it is possible to reduce the weight to less than 1.2Kg/dm3 at the same time improving the wall insulation characteristics.

Another important aspect of these type of products is that are easy to install so eliminating the need for skilled workers. The use of basic tools is sufficient and the wastage is minimal. An operator can lay an average of15 m2per day on existing or new walls. 

Vortex Hydra has developed a plant that is regarded as an important technological advancement in the manufacture of reconstituted stone. This plant incorporates a high level of automation, both in the coating/filling and demoulding/packaging operations resulting in considerable labour savings.


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