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Newsletter 49 - Concrete shingles: new products present new commercial opportunities

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With home owners nowadays being more selective in the materials used in their house construction tile manufacturers are having to place more emphasis on the introduction of new profiles into the market place.
In many cases this will involve the upgrading of their existing production facility to accommodate the new profile and the commercial opportunities that it will present. In recent years some customers have even requested the design and manufacture of more than one new roof tile profile.
A new profile that has drawn particular interest has been the ‘flat tapered shingle’ that reproduces the effect of natural stone on roof.
This internationally appreciated profile has a thinner front edge to that of the more conventional ‘flat’ tile in addition to its own particular interlock feature for adjacent tile fixing.
For this and other new profile type tiles Vortex Hydra can provide the necessary specialist equipment and ‘know-how’ that is required. This can include a new servomotor cutter device, curing and packing systems specifically designed to suit the new profiles.
The packing equipment can entail the advanced designed ‘drying rotary’ system for controlled drying of the coating applied to the top surface of the concrete shingle and machinery in the case of tapered shingles for ‘square pack’ forming.
In addition to the commercial benefits of introducing a new tile profile and associated equipment a customer can also gain the added benefit of Vortex Engineers viewing their existing production facilities as part of an overall factory upgrade assessment.

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