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Newsletter 48 - The Vortex Curtain Bell Applicator

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Premier quality colouring of concrete roof tiles using the Vortex Curtain Bell Applicator

The new Vortex Curtain Bell Applicator is a paint system similar to that used in the ceramic industry where the top quality finishing is required.
The system comprises of a conveyor that travels roof tiles beneath an overhead curtain bell paint applicator that applys a thin film of colour to the top surface of the tile as it passes through a vertical wall of paint that is formed with the ‘bell’.
As each roof tile (or cladding tile) travels through the liquid wall it’s top surface recieves a uniform coat of paint that is free from smudging.
The paint is fed to the ‘bell’ from a holding container by means of a centrifigal pump which keeps any surplus paint on the move by re-circulation which is adjustable. The application of the paint within the ‘bell’ is controlled by a metering device fitted with an adjustable tap.

By adjusting both the metering device and the speed of the conveyor it is possible to vary the quantity of paint applied to the tile surface. Once set the ‘bell’ provides an excellent stability to the application of the paint.
Using this system it is possible to apply new paint types such as cement paints that contain a percentage of polymers within the mix. The polymers ensure stabilty during the application in addition to enhancing high strength and adhesion thanks to the presence of the cement that binds with the fresh concrete surface of the tile.
In addition to providing a uniform thickness layer of paint to the tile there is an absence of volatile particles being present which can be present in systems that use compressed air/nozzle colour coating methods.
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