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Newsletter 43 - Accessory roof tile products

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Accessory roof tile products make significant contribution to profit margins

Major concrete roof tile manufacturers around the world acknowledge that the production and sale of accessory products used in the construction of a concrete tiled roof make a healthy contribution to profitability.

In the last decade Vortex has provided many automatic lines for the production of many different types of accessory products such a ridge and rake tiles to name but a few. In this respect many of our customers have opted for a ‘Rotary’ plant to produce accessory products mainly because of the simplicity of this type of plant both in use and operating logic.

Such a customer is Entegra Roof Tiles, one of our major USA clients who invested in three fully automated ‘Vortex Rotary’ production plants, two for the manufacture of main tiles and the third for accessory fittings.

In particular, the accessory fitting ‘Rotary’ plant has a curing rack capacity 12,000 units, a continuous action tile extruder operating at a rate of 40 units per minute to produce a rake tile and two different ridge tile profiles with a minimum number of operators.

Why not increase your profitability by increasing the range and/or the modernisation of the manufacture of your accessory products!

…… get started simply contact our sales and technical offices.


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