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Newsletter 42 - VORTEX ROTARY 20 - China -

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High volume VORTEX ROTARY 20 plant supplied to China for both high quality and cost effective manufacture of concrete roof tiles

In 2011 aRotary-Rack 20 plant was supplied to Hongye, a new customer in China. The plant is equipped to manufacture two different roof tile profiles, the Round Coppo and the Coppo Veneto, at a production rate of 24,000 tiles per 8 hour shift.  The new plant consisted of the following:

- 60 tile per minute extrusion machine equipped with an electromechanical cutting system for high quality final product.

- Automatic Rotary-Rack 20 circular system for high efficient product curing.

- Comprehensive conveyor system for automatic handling of new and cured roof tiles including an “adjustable” height setting of the depalleter machine to accommodate two different tile profiles, an automatic pallet oiler and a high speed pallet flow inverter.

- ‘Wet’ product colouring system incorporating slurry or acrylic paint applicators to produce ‘gloss’ surface finish on tiles and offer resistance to adverse weather conditions.

- Automatic packaging system equipped to produce 40 tile strapped bundles that are lifted and moved to stockyard by a forklift truck equipped with mechanical gripper.

The full heating system for the tile curing tunnel was provided by ‘Shanghai Vortex Tile Machines Co., Ltd‘ works who also provide a 24/7 technical support service to the customer.

This highly efficient plant which was successfully installed and commissioned marked the start of a long term and much valued business relationship between Hongye and Vortex Hydra.

If you would like to receive further technical information on the ‘Vortex Rotary-Rack20’, please contact us.


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