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Newsletter 4 - Wet cast production

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Vortex Hydra have recently patented its technology for wet cast production

Wet cast manufacturing techniques are used to produce high quality decorative concrete products.

The advanced technology employed in the automation of product manufacture has now been patented by Vortex Hydra.  By means of this newsletter we are explaining the automation used in the process to “feed the mix into the moulds”.

The concrete mix is prepared by an accurate ‘batch’ process prior to being fed by a screw conveyor with its integral weighing unit into the silicon or polyurethane moulds.

Compaction of the concrete mix in the mould is achieved by vibration which also releases any entrapped air.

A rotating dosing unit is equipped to distribute the mix whereas a larger rotating unit is equipped for scrapping away the excess mix.

The rotating dosing machine is suitable to work with any kind of rubber mould with or without lateral rubber “wings” and is adjustable in height and width to accommodate different rubber moulds designs.

The production speed is easily set via a command desk, so that it is possible to allow manual operation at either the beginning or end of the wet line.

The scrapping unit has a series of rotating rubber and fixed steel paddles for removing the excess of concrete from the back of the mould frame.

Both the dosing unit and the scraping unit can be easy removed during the cleaning operation at the end of the days production. Another vibration system is employed after the rotating distribution and scraping activities are completed.

Vortex Hydra have developed the fully automated technology for wet cast production to enable large quantities of product to be manufactured with consistent high quality regardless of the product shape or colour blending.

Fully automated lines can operate up to1,000 square metersper shift, whereby all associated operations such as colouring, batching, mix feeding, scraping, racking/deracking, demoulding and packaging can be supervised by a reduced number of operatives.


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