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Newsletter 39 - Vortex Hydra ‘die-cast’ top quality aluminium pallets

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Vortex Hydra technology for the precision manufacture of concrete roof tiles is based on the employment of precision made ‘die-cast’ aluminium pallets in the concrete extrusion process.
Aluminium pallets are big part of the investment for a complete plant and sometime the attractive price of steel pallets may seem a good alternative solution. It can be easily proven that it is a false economy as the quality of roof tiles made on steel pallets is generally inferior to the tiles made on aluminium pallets.  Below the advantages and disadvantages when comparing use of these two different pallet types.

1) Different design between the underneath and top surface of the pallet: possibility to optimize the roof tile in both weight, resistance and appearance
2) Strong underside runner guides and stiffeners resulting in high mechanical strength of the pallet
3) Working life expectancy of at least 10 years resulting in lower cost per tile
4) Resist the high extrusion pressures when producing concrete with light fibre mix tiles
5) Efficient depalleting of cured tile from supporting pallet
6) Multi tile profile production with changeover which takes a maximum of 30 minutes
7) Aluminium pallets cost about 30% more than steel pallets but at the end of their life cycle, they still have a scrap value of 30% of the original investment

1) The underneath surface of a steel pallet has to be identical to its top surface
2) Lower mechanical strength due to absence of underside runner guides and stiffeners
3) Life cycle significantly lower
4) Only used for producing tiles made with traditional concrete mix
5) Depalleting problems due to the deformation of pallet
6) A dedicated extruder machine is needed and recommended for many of the different roof tile profiles produced
7)The steel pallets cost is lower, but at the end of their life span, they have no inherent scrap value
Choose die cast aluminium pallets and:
- you will always have a value in your hands even at the end of their life span
- you will produce better quality roof tiles with regards to appearance, weight, strenght and mechanical properties of the tile in general
- you will have higher efficiency production particularly with regards to the speed of tile profile changeover


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