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Newsletter 25 - The plant… high quality concrete and cost savings

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Throughout our 45 years of extensive experience in the design, manufacture and supply of high -tech concrete roof tile manufacturing plants to the world-wide market we have always recognized the importance and need to produce a constant high quality concrete the behavior of which within the manufacturing production system is conducive to a quality finished product.

The uniformity of the concrete mix produced is essential not only for producing concrete tiles that provide good strength and water proofing characteristics but also for providing an perfectly smooth surface finish that is free from imperfections.

The production technology required to manufacture concrete roof tiles is very complex: from the extrusion process, the surface colouring treatment, the automatic depalleting system through to the packaging and palletising of the tiles. When operating such complex plants particularly in hot climates a ‘stop’ in production even if only for a few minutes can create problems to the movement and behavior of the concrete in the manufacturing process.

When working with traditional batching and mixing plants such as a planetary mixer or the like that feeds concrete to the production line via a mix feed conveyor a small delay can easily result in a ‘line’ stoppage of 20-30 minutes – the time that could be required to remove the abandoned concrete from the system so incurring a loss of time and money.

To solve such problems, Vortex Hydra has developed the ‘VORTEX EASY MIX’ plant, a highly efficient two phase ‘Dry’ and ‘Wet’ mixing plant. The first phase (Dry) involves the accurate and consistent mixing of the raw materials including fibers when required. This dry mixing is by means of a horizontal shaft fitted with plowshares that is rotated at high speeds to achieve a perfect homogenized dry mix within a very short time (15-20 seconds). The dry mix is discharged into a holding hopper which feeds an extractor belt that conveys the dry mix to the ‘Wet’ mixing side of the plant. During ‘Wet’ mixing second phase water and when required additives are applied and the concrete is mixed by a continual horizontal mixer that will discharge the finish mix directly into the tile extruder machine.

The advantages of the ‘Vortex Easy Mix’ system can be summarized as follows:

• Energy savings of up to 40%

• Production of high quality concrete enhanced by an integral humidity control system that reduces the mixing time and loading into the tile extrusion to just 30–40 seconds

• In the event of prolonged plant stoppage the quantity of concrete to be abandoned is very small as it is simply discharged through small exit door in the mixer base into a removable hopper.

• Cleaning out of the mixer is extremely simple compared to the complicated procedures needed to clean out a conventional pan mixer or the like – cleaning is safely undertaken in the open by means of a pressured water lance.

• Output capacity of mixer up to 25 m3/h

• Uniform colouration of concrete is achieved

• Ease of colour change with the further advantage of being able to produce ‘antique’ streak type colouring by adding oxides at the end of the mixing process.

• Ease of integration into an existing concrete product manufacturing and production plant.

In summary the employment of a ‘VORTEX EASY MIX’ plant provides not only a high quality concrete but makes significant cost savings when compared to more conventional types of concrete mixing plants.

For further information or queries please contact our Technical Department. In another newsletter we will inform you about all Vortex mixing solutions, i.e. Vortex Pan Mixer and Globe Belt Mixer!


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