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Newsletter 21 -Testing times!!!!

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Over the past months Italy and other European countries have been receiving negative press reports on the status of their economies from the international media. Understandably such reporting can create a nervousness that could weaken confidence in the market place. Some of our own customers have asked us if such reporting makes us downhearted. THE ANSWER IS SIMPLE …….ABSOLUTELY NOT.

It must be remembered that Italy is the third largest economy in the European Community and the seventh largest in the world. The countries underlying strength has always been the establishment of small enterprises, high innovation and productivity. VORTEX HYDRA along with so many others companies in Italy are such an enterprise. For many years our own enviable success around the world for the design , manufacture and installation of building products machinery and production plants has been based on COMPETENCE, CREDIBILITY, TECHNICAL INNOVATION AND THE CONTINUAL INVESTMENT IN PRODUCTIVITY IMPROVEMENTS to meet the new challenges of the global market. Within the last two years Vortex Hydra have successfully opened a new branch in Brazil to meet the current days needs for good quality building products in South America. The owners and management team of VORTEX HYDRA have always had the foresight to plan and invest in the future of the company so ensuring that the HIGH STANDARDS OF PRODUCT QUALITY AND INNOVATION that is an international recognized trademark of the company are maintained. VORTEX HYDRA HAS FOR FORTY FIVE YEARS NOW BEEN SUPPLYING PRODUCTION PLANTS AND TECHNOLOGY TO ALMOST EVERY COUNTRY IN THE WORLD …… THE SERVICE OFFERED BY VORTEX HYDRA IS NO LESS THEN SERIOUSNESS AND PROFESSIONALISM.

It is from this strength and competence that Vortex Hydra, along with many other Italian firms in spite of the current financial turbulence being experienced around the world will continue to work, invest and grow ……….. ensuring at all times that the international building industry will continue to benefit from the vast pool of experience and expertise offered by the company.


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