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Newsletter 10 - Vortex brush demoulding machine

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The "stand alone" Vortex brush demoulding machine for wet cast production - a fast pay back investment

Recently Vortex Hydra have successfully developed and tested a special machine for the automatic separation of stone veneer cladding tiles from rubber forming moulds. The machine has been specially designed to function in both existing traditional and manually operated production plants as a ‘stand alone’ item of equipment. It can also be employed as part of an automated production configuration whether the plant is either a Vortex Hydra supplied plant or that of another supplier.
The ‘VORTEX BRUSH DEMOULDING MACHINE’ consists of a series of soft rotating brushes that gently separate the dry stones from the rubber moulds and has a patent pending.
One of the main benefits offered by the machine is the ‘minimisation’ of dependence on the human/labour activities associated with stone veneer manufacture so reducing: labour costs; inefficiencies; product rejects;
while offering another benefit which is the ‘maximisation’ of: longer durability of the rubber mould;  production capacity.
The machine is designed to continually demould rubber stone products of different sizes and depth.
The machine has the capacity to operate from 200 to 1,000 sq.m per shift.
Standard demoulding techniques normally require in the order of 5 to 9 operatives to manually demould 1,000 sq.m per shift of stone veneer (variation in operative requirements can occur for different stone sizes).
The Vortex Brush Demoulding Machine® enables the customer to demould using a greatly reduced number of operatives ranging from 1 to 3 depending on the workshop organization. Such a reduction in labour requirements results in a very fast payback period with regard to the return on the investment. It also enhances health and safety considerations as it greatly reduces heavy manual lifting operations.
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