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Newsletter 60 - Is a used or refurbished roof tile manufacturing plant of interest to you!

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Regardless of the location there exists a worldwide interest in both ‘Used’ and ‘Refurbished’ concrete roof tile manufacturing machinery and production plants.
Since launching our subsidiary website a few years back we were surprised at the growing interest that exists in giving such machinery and plants a second life.
For example when an existing customer decides to upgrade his factory to a higher volume or a more automatic plant etc. Vortex will always consider a ‘buy-back’ arrangement on all or some of his existing equipment.
Such equipment will be inspected and assessed by Vortex Engineers to determine whether the it can be re-sold to another customer in either an ‘as viewed’ or ‘refurbished’ condition.
Such plants will be of interest to both ‘new’ customers who wish to set up a roof tile manufacturing facility or ‘existing customers’ who wish to expand or upgrade an existing manufacturing plant by minimising their capital expenditure.
In less than one year Vortex have sold the following ‘used’ roof tile machinery and production plants:
1. The complete supply of a second hand Vortex Modulo T50 concrete roof tile production line including batching and mixing plant, T50 tile extruder, tile surface acrylic finishing equipment, automatic racker/de-racker machine with steel curing racks, product handling line with depalleting system and automatic tile pack forming machinery.
2. Automatic racker/de-racker machine that formed part of a ‘Vortex Modulo T40 production line.
3. ‘Vortex Rotary Rack 3’ ridge tile plant that included a ‘Rotary Rack 3’ automatic tile curing system including the racker/de-racker machine with controls and over 3,000 ridge tile aluminium pallets. The same customer also purchased 2,000 good condition second hand main tile aluminium pallets.
The aforementioned Vortex website offers a network that both new and existing customers can view to possibly find a solution to their business objectives at an interesting and competitive price.
When Vortex engineers feel that refurbishing of a ‘used’ plant is necessary it can entail the necessary replacement of mechanically worn parts and possible re-wiring.
The web site is an international show case for the availability of roof tile manufacturing plants that have for some reason been taken out of service yet offer a second usage life to a another customer.
Visit our website to see if a particular machine or plant is available that meets your needs or if you have an existing non-productive plant that you would like to bring to our attention.


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