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The development of manual and semi-automatic roof tile production lines

Vortex Hydra success over the years has been the ability to effectively combine ‘innovation’ with ‘engineering’ to produce a comprehensive range of production plants for the manufacture of high quality concrete roof tiles that are a fundamental requirement nowadays for the construction of beautiful housing. With over 50 years of experience behind them Vortex have shown they have the expertise to design and manufacture a comprehensive range of ‘innovative’ plants ranging from manual, semi and fully automatic operations.

Although known throughout the world as a leader in the supply of high volume fully automatic roof roof tile plants for many years now Vortex have also offered customers selection from a range of low to medium size output plants (known as Uno Systems) that were specially designed to enable small organizations, entrepreneurs, family concerns and the like to successfully enter the local building products industry by establishing a business in the concrete roof tile manufacture.

These ‘start-up’ plants enable a customer to produce not only different profile roof tiles but also the added ability to produce ‘décor’ concrete wall and floor tiles should they wish to broaden their product base.
In recent years, Vortex as a result of re-search and development investment has shown their innovative expertise in the upgrading of this successful range of ‘startup’ size plants. The new range of plants is now called ‘Uno Evoluzione’ systems that are advanced versions of the previous range of ‘standard’ models. The upgrade includes the utilization of new design technology and offers the customer a widerc hoice of products that can be manufactured on each size of plant. In addition to
these features the latest range enables a customer to easily upgrade to a higher through put plant as he becomes established in his local market.

The ‘Uno Evoluzione’ range of plants

Uno Evoluzione 250
This is the smallest plant in the range and is an ideal size unit for customers who wish to start up a new business by using minimal
capital expenditure. The plant can produce up to 2,000 tiles per 8 hour shift. The aluminum pallets that the new tiles are formed are pushed through the tile forming extrusion head by a integral manually operated hydraulic cylinder.

Uno Evoluzione 500
This plant can produce up to 4,000 tiles per 8 hour shift and offers an ideal solution to entrepreneurs and organizations who wish to start a new project and at the same time test the market place using minimal capital investment yet still maintaining the option to grow.
The extrusion machine has a manual push button to start the production cycle that ends with the new tile being cut by a pneumatic knife. The concrete mixer that is loaded with sand, cement, colour pigment and water automatically feeds the fresh concrete to the extrusion machine via a mix feed conveyor. The production cycle is controlled by a PLC unit which operates at a speed of 10 tiles per min. The unique de -
sign of the plant enables it to be upgraded to a Uno Evoluzione 1000 plant if required at some future date.

Uno Evoluzione 1000
This size of plant is ideally suited for a market demand that is in excess of one million tiles. Its throughput capacity is maximized at 8,000 tiles per 8 hour shift. Provided with automatic concrete batching and mixing plant, it is an ‘on-line’ semi-automatic operation that includes a depalleter, pallet feeder, pallet oiler, transport conveyors and tile extrusion machine all being controlled by a dedicated PLC unit. The “heart” of the system is an Uno Evoluzione 500 extrusion machine that now incorporates an alternative underside hydraulic pallet pushing mechanism. The unique design of the plant enables it to be upgraded to a Uno Evoluzione 2000 plant if required at some future date.

Uno Evoluzione 2000
This is a medium output semi or fully automatic plant depending on customers equipment selection. It can manufacture tiles up to a maximum rate of 16,000 per 8 hour shift. This plant is ideally suited to customers that require high concrete roof tile production, minimal labour requirements and who at the same time wish to optimize their initial capital expenditure. The tile extrusion machine is a robust system with a continuous propulsion unit and can produce tiles at a rate of 40 tiles per minute. The automated concrete batching and mixing plant is suitably sized to produce concrete at a higher capacity to suit the extruder speed.
The advantage of this system is that the flow of concrete is not subject to start/stop movement that is typical of alternative smaller sized extruders. Like the other systems it offers the advantages of high quality product manufacture and operational efficiency.
This plant can be easily expanded to an automatic operation by installing a mechanized automatic rack loading/unloading and/or a finished tile automatic packaging machine if required.





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