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Fittings & Accessories for roof tiles

Vortex fittings and Accessories machines: these product can be produced either with a semi automatic press or integrated inside fully automatic production lines and be equipped with automation including Rotary or Matrix as well as automation and customization of packaging and palletizing line according to the customer needs.

Wet casting

Wet cast techniques are used to produce high quality decorative concrete products such as stone veneers, ornamental thin bricks, flooring, Vortex have developed a new patented fully automated technology for wet casting production (filling, de-moulding, packing) in order to get high output with a consistent high quality, regardless of the product size or colour blending.

Block & Pavers

Block & Pavers: Vortex Hydra equipment to produce concrete blocks & paviors is based on high pres-vibration process. Blocks, bricks, kerb stone, paving stone, floor tiles, can be obtained either by mobile or stationary press machine.


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