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Wet cast techniques are employed to produce high quality decorative concrete products such as architectural stone, stone veneers, ornamental bricks, and brick veneers with different types of surface finishing. With wet cast production the concrete is prepared by a batch process to ensure consistency of the mix which is then fed into silicon or polyurethane moulds by the operator. Vibration is used to compact the concrete at the same time removing any small voids by expelling entrapped air out of the top open surface of the mould.

Vortex Hydra have also now developed a new unique production process named Vortex Frame-Wet Cast® which consists of locating a special rigid plastic frame onto a matching rubber base which reproduces stone/wood texture or the like that can be customised to suit the customers particular requirements. The plastic frame that can be automatically located onto the rubber base allowing a sequence of automatic operations such as the following to be undertaken:

• auto-painting

• auto-feeding and scraping

• auto-demolding

• auto-curing

• automatic boxing and packaging

Separation of the rubber base and plastic frame provides easier and faster cleaning/oiling solutions when required.  The Frame-Wet Cast® system can be easily automated and is capable of producing many types of different dimensional products. Standard moulds, placed in special designed trays for ease of racking, or the Frame-Wet Cast® moulds are placed into a heated chamber for product curing. Vortex Hydra have developed fully automated technology for wet casting production in order to allow the manufacturer to produce large quantities of product to a consistent high quality regardless of the product shape or colour blending. Fully automated lines can operate at a capacity of up to 1,000 square meters per shift, whereby all associated operations such as colouring, batching, mix feeding, scraping, racking/deracking, demoulding and packaging can be supervised by a reduced number of operators.  


• Mix preparation

• Colouring via both cement or acrylic paints

• Mould preparation, oiling, batching and filling

• Curing system

• Demoulding and packaging


A) VORTEX Wet Casting Start 200

Main features: Maximum output 200 to 400 sq.m per shift incorporating automatic batching and mixing, semi-automatic concrete feeding, automatic racking/deracking, and forklift transport to/from curing chambers.

B) VORTEX Wet Cast 400/800

Main features: Maximum output from 400 to 800 sq.m per shift incorporating automatic batching and mixing, semi-automatic colouring, semi-automatic concrete feeding, automatic racking/deracking, and automatic transport and curing.

C) VORTEX Frame Wet Cast 1000

Main features: Maximum output up to 1000 sq.m per shift incorporating automatic batching and mixing, automatic colouring, automatic concrete batching/feeding/scraping, automatic racking/deracking,  automatic trolley to load/unload racks inside the MATRIX curing system, automatic demoulding, automatic tray cleaning and automatic packaging.

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